Services and expertise


Data processing, integration and dissemination

We routinely process satellite wind and wave data from scatterometers and altimeters in near real-time. Customised and quality-controlled measurements are then passed to clients for use in offshore forecasting and model validation. We aim to provide data within 3 hours of original measurement, and our processing and dissemination turn-around time is just 10 minutes. An example of the latest available data is given on our C-RISe data demonstration page.

In association with Satellite Observing Systems we offer a high quality global wave statistics service based on the complete archive of satellite altimeter measurements since 1985.

We are able to advise on or assist with any of your satellite data processing requirements.


Project definition, proposal preparation and project management

The SatOC team have previously had a high success rate in proposals to European Space Agency (ESA) programmes, European Commission (EC) Framework Programme and national programmes of the British National Space Centre (BNSC), Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and Environment Agency.

Both David Cotton and Ellis Ash have managed large European collaborative projects. We are always open to new partnerships and project suggestions in addition to our work on current projects and in following up past projects. Find out about specific projects in Projects and project management.

User federation, requirements surveys and analysis

Development projects are usually user driven and therefore require a clear understanding of user requirements from the outset. The SatOC team have always worked closely with users, customers and potential customers of satellite information, and derived products and services.

We have undertaken requirements surveys and worked with project partners in many marine client sectors, including: global shipping; offshore oil and gas; leisure boating; marine and fisheries research institutes; coastal and environment authorities and NATO navies.


Bespoke studies, presentations and report writing

We offer bespoke studies and reporting on most aspects of satellite oceanography including: data availability and applications; past, present and future satellite systems; commercial products and service providers; oceanographic research.

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