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SAMOSA-3 Altimeter SAR Mode Echo Model

Within the framework of the ESA SAMOSA Project (SAR Altimetry Studies and Applications over Ocean, Coastal zones and Inland waters), innovative physically based models were developed for near-nadir ocean altimetric waveforms in SAR-Mode and subsequently implemented in prototype ocean SAR retrackers.

The initial version, SAMOSA-1, included some simplifications, and was superseded by a theoretically more complete model, SAMOSA-2. However, this improved model was mathematically complex and difficult to implement efficiently. Thus it was superseded by the SAMOSA-3 model, which is computationally more efficient, and has been adopted by ESA for implementation in the Sentinel-3.

New Online and On Demand CryoSat-2 SAR FBR data processing service (see CP4O data pages)

SAMOSA Final Report
SAMOSA-3 Digital Processing Model (email Jérôme Benveniste to request access - see contacts page)

SAMOSA-3 Configuration Control

The purpose of this web page is to provide information on developments and implementations of the SAMOSA-3 echo model:

  • to provide details of configurations and modifications to the SAMOSA-3 model described in the SAMOSA-3 Digital Processing Model
  • to provide details on performance of these implementations through benchmark testing on a test data set.

Implementation Reference

SAMOSA-3 Echo Model Configuration Description

Performance Description

Authors / Date


Configuration Control Document 1.2

Validation Exercise over German Bight

Dinardo, Lucas, Fenoglio, Scharroo, Benveniste 18th September 2013

Access to the Test Data Set:  CPP_prod_STARLAB.tar  directory cp4o/samosa3_config
                                            via guest login to   password by email to info at

Latest Cryosat-2 Parameter Table: (Configuration Control Document For CP40ers who retrack CPP Data v1.3.pdf)

Previous versions of Cryosat-2 Parameter Table: (Configuration Control Document For CP40ers who retrack CPP Data v1.2.pdf)

A Technical Note is also available providing general guidelines for SAR (Delay-Doppler) L1b Processing.

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